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From the article, Does pedagogy still rule?” it was crucial for one to understand that one cannot consider any learning approaches in isolation of the context or superior to the other. Educators should be aware that a new epoch has begun as new and unorthodox methods of learning and teaching become visible. There need to be a balance between delivering knowledge, while also taking into account the interest and experiences of the adult learners. Adult learners study the process of drawing conclusions. Marisha Mc Auliffe, Doug Hargreaves, Abigail Winter and Dr. Gary Chadwick realized that by following different methods and routes, they could come to different conclusions and also acknowledge the fact that their own assumptions play a role and can be changed by the process of learning. Ultimately, adult learners and professors will acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to optimally adapt principles of pedagogy, Andragogy, and heutagogy to create teaching methods and techniques to facilitate the “process of learning irrespective of the process of content.”These blended approaches ...
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