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Eleanor networked extensively to promote better working environments, to reduce child labor, and to support farmers. She was active in the Democratic Party. Eleanor traveled and spoke extensively to support her husband and his bid for the governorship of New York and Presidency of the United States. Her social standing and power as First Lady allowed her an extraordinary opportunity to improve the lives of men, women, and children. It was a position she did not squander (Gerber, 2002).
For twelve years Eleanor was the First Lady of the United States and she redefined the office (Watts, 2010). Eleanor began having her own press conferences and only female journalists were allowed to attend the events. While the press conferences did not always delve into politically perilous ground, they did set a precedent (Gerber, 2002). No longer were First Ladies held to a ceremonial role. Eleanor Roosevelt was an originator. With her activism, it became acceptable for a First Lady to promote her own agendas and be more than just an extension of her husband (Gutin, 2000). It was the en...

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