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OLIVE OIL: LIQUID GOLD TO OLIVE OIL IS DEDICATED 5% OF SPANISH AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS, THE SECTOR REPRESENTS 9% OF THEIR EXPORTS AND OLIVE GROVES OCCUPY 14% OF THE SPANISH AGRICULTURAL LAND SPAIN PRODUCES 40% OF OLIVE OIL WORLDWIDE. Olive oil is a product rooted to our food culture for thousands of years. It was the Phoenicians who introduced it to the inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula in the eleventh century AC. During Roman times, the consumption of olive oil quickly spread, with the “Betica Province”, Andalucia today, the main producing area of the whole empire. Spain treasures the largest olive-tree plantation of the world. Over 300 million olive trees, which occupy more than 2.5 million hectares, spread over 34 provinces over the country, taking preponderance its presence in the southern and eastern half of the peninsula. This makes Spain the largest producer and exporter of olive oil, representing more than half of EU production and 40% of the world’s production. This gives an enormous economic asset and a great social, environmental, cultural and public health value. Spain is the leading producer of olives in the world and, therefore, in the obtainment of virgin olive oil In Spain there are 32 protected designations of origin (PDO) of virgin and extra olive oil, that care for the quality of their oils and mark cultivation, collection, processing, bottling and labeling procedures. All of them are subject to rigorous quality controls. The production process The collection is one of the most important moments of the process and takes a lot of manpower. It can be said that the cost of harvesting represents 60% of the costs of cultivation. Methods of harvesting the olives are varied. They range from hand picking or with... ... middle of paper ... ...orest fires, as well as being the largest conservative of the landscape and an ally against erosion. Recall that 21% of the area of the province is dominated by olive groves and the Alicante Delegation created the brand “Olis d'Alacant” to boost an internationally recognized quality, produced in the province of Alicante. FORMATS OF OLIVE OIL OF ONIL: • Extra virgin olive oil 15 ml. Single-dose sachets for single use. • Extra virgin olive oil 250 ml. Glass bottle for use at home or in restaurants. 15,840 units in a 20" container and 33,120 units in a 40" container. • Extra virgin olive oil 500 ml. Glass bottle for use at home or in restaurants. 9,504 units in a 20" container and 19.872 units in a 40" container. • Extra virgin olive oil in bulk. It can be served in bulk in 2L plastic bottles, 3L metal cans or 5L plastic bottles for restaurants replenishment.
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