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Having an effective leadership approach in an organization supports a productive and successful business. In this case, an organization called Valena Scientific Corporation (VSC) failed to have effective leadership. VSC attempted to development leadership; but failed initially. This occurred once VSC decided to create a research program for their scientists; this program split nine individuals into three groups. Once the groups were split, management decided to allow informal leadership to occur. This style of leadership enables individuals to become leaders without having a position of power (Bacal, 2014). Therefore, every individual in each group has the same authority; but one person may be perceived by others as a leader (making them an informal leader). This type of leadership caused conflict between groups and communication to be lost.
Once management realized that conflict was creating a hostile environment, they decided to appoint a formal leader for the groups. This proved to be a successful decision and allowed the groups to finish their tasks successfully. In order to assure that is VSC remains successful while using teams, there needs to be modifications done to the way they lead. It should not have to come down to management needing to appoint a leader half way through a project.
Lack of Leadership and Communication
The main problem that VSC has is their style of leadership. Rather than allowing informal leaders to from, there needs to be a formal leader appointed from the very beginning. The formal leader will have authority over everyone and will be in charge of their staff or team. This will make it so that there is no question of who is in charge or who to ask permission from. Another problem that...

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...ols needed to encourage employee participation, minimize conflict, and maintain group harmony. The company’s loyalty to its team members is expressed in the organization’s desire to satisfy its employee’s needs. Once the needs of the employees are being met on all levels, the team can ultimately be successful.
Valena Scientific Corporation will have a promising future will the help of leadership revisions. Appointing a formal leader will help maintain authority in the workplace. In addition, the creation of a vision will allow employees to be aware of what they are working towards. Furthermore, it is crucial that VSC begins to promote communication to their employees. This will help form relationships and prevent any future conflicts. Overall, VSC has a lot of room to improve; once they analyze and dissect their weaknesses they can be very successfully.
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