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Euthanasia has been a controversial debate for many years, and it is still not legalized in Canada as it has been deemed unfit to Canadian society for many reasons. Firstly, it violates various rights from the charter of rights and freedom. Also, it destroys human value, is against the moral code of society and could lead to the killings of many individuals without their consent. Lastly, it gives the doctor too much power over their patents which can lead to the idea of suicide being an option. Therefore, euthanasia should not be legalized as it violates basic human rights; a decrease human value, is against the morals of society and could be a cause of higher suicide rates.
Euthanasia is when someone is put to death painlessly or letting someone die by withdrawing life support for individuals with incurable and painful disease or conditions. The criminal code provisions regarding euthanasia in Canada state that any one that helps or counsels a person to commit suicide, or aids a person to commit suicide, regardless of if they are successful, is guilty of an offence and they can be imprisoned for a maximum of fourteen years. Every individual in this world has been given the gift of life. It does not depend on their quality of life. The mere existence of a human being gives them a value in society regardless of their colour, race, sex, ethnicity, or social status. The idea of “mercy killing”, or euthanasia, goes against all of that. The idea of ending an innocent life is not, has never been, and never will be morally right. Often time’s individuals believe that in some cases, at certain times, killing is okay, such as self-defence cases but in cases like those you are saving the life. Either your own, or somebody else’s. On the o...

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...life until he dies from natural cause. This is the main goal of palliative care and I think that would be the best way to deal with terminally ill patients as it does not take anyone’s life away but only promotes a better living for the suffering. An individual’s last moments of life are very precious as this is when family members, friends and relatives come to make up and show love to each other by not caring about personal problems and by feeling sympathy towards the individual. This can sometimes ease death and it may make it easier on family members to move on from the tragedy so by taking someone’s life away and not letting them have this time you are not only giving them mental stress about the future of their family, along with the physical pain that they are going through because of their disease or illness which makes their life harder than it already is.
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