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Education in the western world affected Europe and influenced the United States through the Colonia Period. Before education the average person was looked down by the elite and wealthy. The average person was thought to be unworthy of an education; his purpose for living was to serve the elite and royal. The renaissance changed the idea of being inferior as people protested the authority and ultimately led to the expansion of individual progression which also included education. Another movement that helped the growth of education into the Colonial period was the Reformation. This movement challenged the idea that only certain people should be educated according to The Roman Catholic Church. The challengers argued that without an education the common man was left with ignorance.
As the significance of education started to get around more people got involved. Priests like Martin Luther argued that the Roman Catholic Church had misinterpreted the Bible and that people were meant to read and understand the Bible for themselves. Education became an important part of religion and obtaining salvation. The elite and Church members were now joined by the average person. Schools started to grow in numbers now that education became a part of life and people were eager to learn. These movements forever changed the abilities of the average man and gave people the opportunity to gain power from knowledge. As people started to gain knowledge they started to revolt for a better life politically, economically, socially and educationally.
The settlers that came from Europe came for new life which included a life with education. The early settlers had goals to provide children with an education. The American education system was implemented by...

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...for bad behavior just not physically. We have summers off because back then students used to work the fields back then. We are an industrialized society today and still have summers off. The role of the teachers back then whether it was in Egypt or Greece was to teach the students how to survive. Today students are taught to make it in this fast growing world where knowledge is essential to make a decent living. I think that today our educational systems have combined what people in ancient times used to argue about. Today we teach our students skills and abilities so they can become specialists and at the same time our schools teach morals and values to become better and accepting people. As we continue to progress as a nation our schools are stressing diversity, accepting the disabled and learning to work together which will ultimately make us a stronger nation.
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