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1337699/1 Commentary on a real job position As the tittle of this passage states this text is a commentary about a real job position for myself after I finish my degree. To start with, whets would my real job be? Is it a job that I will be happy doing, that pays well, have security? There are many questions that we can ask ourselves when it comes to individual ideal job position; this is because we all look for different things in life. Some people want secure job and some people look for something that will challenge them. My ideal job position would be to work as an accountant, (appendices 3). The reason why I love the account field is the idea that I will be working with numbers something that I have enjoyed since I was a young man. I have does some personality test just to check on myself and how well I fit on this field, and the feedback been very positive. My jobs description according to Holland code quiz (appendices 4), were very much inline with my career path. I think the reason why it matches very well with what I want to do is because I have been working with an accounting firm for the last five years and some of the characters definitely came up to match what I want to do in future. Some other jobs that came up from this quiz does not line with my career path but I think it’s lined most on my personality as the Jung’s typology personality test suggests (appendices 5). Though this test are used by many firms nowadays they do not necessarily mean that you are on a bad career path it mostly a guide on what you have done in the past rather than what you want to do in future and your personality as a whole. Though I agree with taking the personality test it not something that can be taken seriously because it c... ... middle of paper ... ...which is caused by 1. Age 2. Gender 3. Past experience 4. Cultural background 5. Responsibilities I have learnt to priorities things according to my own importance not by how other people view them. 2. Approaches to management What I learnt is that though there are different number of organisation and management approach e.g. classical, human resources, systems as well as contingency. But the most important is that every individual organisation is different to another and there is no one main approach that will fit all organisations. Contingency approaches explains that and as well challenged classical approach type because it argued that not every organisation is the same and they can not use the same approaches due to there dynamics This will help me look at organisations differently Because, the type of management that is good in one will differ to another.

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