ecologism tackles environmental problems

The contemporary world is rife with many environmental problems. Humans and human based activities are accountable for causing such environmental problems on Earth which in return affects all the species including humans. Countries around the world are in a constant state of rapid development and urbanization. This process of development requires the utilization of limited natural resource and fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas. The burning of fossil fuels and cutting down of natural resources like forests has naturally offset a number of environmental problems. In today’s world, environmental problems cannot be overlooked as it is going to affect the present and future of mankind’s survival. The continuity of human civilization greatly depends on the health of the environment. In this research essay, I am going to state the contemporary environmental problems that the world faces. By describing ecologism, this research essay will specify why ecologism provides the best path for tackling environmental problems in the contemporary world by elaborating on specific branches of environmentalism and why other frameworks like liberalism and capitalism are not the best path to protect the environment and tackle environmental problems.

Since the dawn of industrial civilization, there has been a rapid increase in environmental problems. Air, water and land pollution has greatly increased as the industries of the world developed and will continue to increase exponentially in the near future. “The Industrial Revolution greatly accelerated the release of pollutants into the environment and the variety of pollutants and the extent of pollution are now greater than ever in history” (Radojevic & Nikolaevich 2006, p.6). As the pollutant...

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