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One day, back in California. I was with my friends traveling. My friend’s names were Noë, Chris, and Angel. And one day we went to a hotel because we were very tired from a road trip. We arrived to the hotel. Each of us rented a room. It was mid-night when we arrived. The hotel was at least 20 stories high it was pretty; it had a beautiful view. An hour later that night I went to go get some free water down the where office was. After I got my free water there was blood on every cup. I went to go find and talk to the manager and tell him “why is there blood on these cups”, but I saw a zombie biting him over and over again in a corner.
I ran back upstairs to my room to tell my friends. Knocking at there door. After I told them they thought I was kidding then they open the door and saw one coming right towards him then we quickly closed the door. We were a bit scared. Just in case I brought a pistol just in case something happens on the road. Noë, Chris, and Angel also brought knifes to protect themselves in a situation. We were thinking “what’s going on out there” and how we were going to get out if there’s this zombie looking thing. so we came up with ideas. Then we went outside of the room to peak. Then we went down stairs, and we a saw bunch of “zombies” in the hall way. and behind these zombies was this gigantic mutated zombie with a machine gun stitched on its right hand, and its left hand was holding a machete, and behind all of that was the exit door, but there was a problem; a bunch of them were near the door they were blocking the exit. One of our ideas was getting their attention I was the decoy, then suddenly they all looked at me, while I was getting there attention my friends were slowly walking behind the zombies to ...

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...pain. And then there was me. I put the dynamite in the 4th room of the hotel and lit it off, but there was a problem the mutant zombie with that machine gun to his hands he was getting angry and blowing up rooms, and shooting up the place so I had to be very careful to walk by him. After I left the dynamite in the room I ran outside as fast as I can and went for cover. After seconds to spare I ran behind a car, and the hotel blew up. The whole hotel was collapsing. All the zombies in the hotel died. Once it collapsed there was smoke and fire everywhere, and out of the smoke I saw something I saw the mutant zombie he was still alive he was damage. He was still trying he was trying to kill me. He shoots me with a bunch of random shoots in the chest, legs, and arms. So he leaves thinking I was died so he leaves walking somewhere else; he killed me…..or so he thought…….

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