eBay: All of my Life

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After reviewing the items of “All of my Life” and eBay items as directed by the instructions for this assignment and compare and contrast the items. Reviewing the items listed on “All of my Life” I then turned my attention to similar items on eBay. The items that captured my attention on “All of my life” was the comic books. Freyer did not appreciate the value of comic books. Freyer description of the comic books were subjective and other. He felt the comic books took up space but he didn’t have the heart to throw them out. Many items on eBay describing comic books are subject and injected with excitement. Freyer did not take the time to describe the comic books or arouse excitement about the purchase. Freyer stated this item was given. The next item I viewed on “All of my Life” was the WWII Figures. These figures could be referred to as action figures. Freyer stated he has had these action figures since he was a child. Freyer allows the reader to know that he spent many hours of imaginative play with these action figures. Freyer’s description of the WWII action figures was non-e...
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