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eBay.com is words most successful company which always made profit and still growing at rapid speed since 1995. eBay’s first priority was to help anyone trade practically anything on earth, soon the eBay trading platform provided an automated, topically arranged, easy-to-use, online service which is available on a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a week basis. Seller across world found this attractive and reach out to wider customer base across globe. Sellers can easily list items for sale and buyers to bid for and purchase items of interest. eBay’s big start was in tapping effectively into a segment of individuals that traded collectibles – one of- a-kind items that usually came with a story or some unusual feature. Online trading was new to globe before eBay, so to gain customer feedback eBay build Feedback forum to gain trust of customers and share their experience to attract more business, eBay build workforce of advance Customer Support engineers and divided them across two different section General Support and Trust and Safety. Majority of inquiry coming to eBay will primarily be for General Support whereas around 45% of such inquiry will get diverted to the Trust and Safety support. eBay’s Customer support staff has around 10000 FTE across globe, and raising inquiry forced eBay to outsource most of their General Support section, Trust and Safety support was not so sure about outsourcing due to sensitive customer support. As business started growing for eBay it was getting hard to provide Phone Support to all its customer, with current model eBay tries to keep communication at email level and around 90% its support inquiry are currently handled by eBay email supports. eBay management tried to shift telephone calls to Philippines... ... middle of paper ... ... with Three Tier approach: Tier One: was comprised of email only volume involving the most basic of General Support type questions. Tier Two: was designated for General Support email volume, a little more complex than Tier one. Tier Three: was reserved for more complex General Support questions that require flexibility and some judgment on the part of the service employees. 5.0 Conclusion: eBay’s Three tier approach helping them to resolve their Customer support issues, Tier one which is outsourced in India takes care of around 60% of eBay’s general support emails, whereas more complex issues which account’s around 30% of email inquiry were send Experts in both India and US. The third tier involved Law or personal issues and that is being handled by eBay’s USA employees. Another key player in email support is “KANA” email system, it helped eBay to achieve its goal.

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