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Conclusion The research demonstrated that the airlines industry has been extremely competitive with many players thus increasing the need for Tiger air to be innovative in its services development in order to retain its market share with other airlines. As businesses are continually growing and globalising, Supply Chain Management (SCM) becomes more and more complicated. Coordination and collaboration with networks of suppliers and customers are critical to a firm. An effective e-SCM system can determine a company to whether cost overrun or earn more profits. This is the importance of the right strategies for business information system as it will make the most significant difference. In conclusion, companies must stay flexible to respond rapidly to market changes in order to gain competitive advantage. Recommendation Up-to-date supply chain applications are being developed which lets current applications outmoded soon. For this reason, companies applying e-scm are ceaselessly changing in order to keep pace with the latest technological and financial trends. Tiger air must keep in touch with suppliers and customers all the time to learn about the industry changes and thereby manage their operations effectively. It is recommendable for them to track the latest news from e-supply chain software. Many of these softwares comprise information about your business, like warehouse and inventory. Here are some recommendations for Tiger air: 1. Use your electronic systems to receive important news feeds from internet for online supply chain management. It is necessary to register with news feeds of instant reports that keep you updated regularly. It can make you avoid missing any special announcements and information of e-supply chain ma... ... middle of paper ... ... the report is to provide a long term strategies for Tiger airways. The porter’s five forces industry analysis provided Tiger air a better understanding of the level of competition in the airlines industry in the world market. The bargaining power of suppliers, buyers, the barriers of the new entrance, substitutes and the competitive rivalry was measured during the analysis. This report indicated that the level of the competition among the airline industry is very high. Many of the data was collected from the industry and government business reports in the world market. The findings from the analysis provided Tiger air an opportunity to adopt new strategies such as using the ERP system. It was recommended that e-collaboration and e-supply chain management with suppliers and customers a larger market share in the airline industry a reasonable level of sustainability.
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