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The information is read by a laser. Information on a computer is stored as thousands 0s and 1s called bits in an optical disc data is stored digitally (as a long string of numbers). After the data has been recorded, it is converted into numbers by a process called sampling. 44,100 times a second, a piece of electronic equipment measures the data and turns the measurement into a number, and stores it in binary format. The use of binary allowed large amounts of information to be written onto a compact disc, without the degradation of the information. The binary is stored on the writeable side of an optical disc as pits (a pit represents the number zero) and lands (a land represents the number one). CDs DVDs and Blu-ray are all optical discs in which they all store and retrieve data and therefore follow the same physics principles. The common principle for optical discs is the reflection of a laser (semiconductor diode laser) when interacting with the polycarbonate data surface. The difference in height between pits and lands results in various ways the light is reflected, which reads ...

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