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In MUBDI System of Nodes Architecture, it consist of many different types of node depends on the location. When we need to create a communication link between multiple regions, there will many communication also involved. For example, one human as a sender on the earth want to send message to the receiver which located in the heaven, the message will go through galaxy. The galaxy is different region beside earth and heaven. The communication also will going through various communication channel. Table 2 below shows the architecture of possible nodes and communication medium in the MUBDI system.

TABLE (2). The Classification of Possible Nodes & Communication Mediums Based on Region
Region Communication Medium Node
Earth Satellite Network PC, Mobile Devices, Server, Satellite
Galaxy Enhanced Satellite Network Hover, Space Craft, Planet Router, Orbit Gateway, Outer Space Station
Heaven Layer Exotic Link Network Jin of each layer
For enhancing the MUBDI system performance in data dissemination, each node in MUBDI have to equip with enhance functions of its internal hardwares. Each node not just only passes the data, but they have a role to ensure a solid communication link and signal among all nodes is quite good and reliable. The proposed architecture of each node in MUBDI as shown in Figure 9 below:

FIGURE 9. Architecture of MUBDI Node.

The proposal suggests that all nodes have a combination of internal hardware such as storage, processor, power supply and of 4 types of relays namely Repeater, Gateway, Bridge and Router. This complete function is believed will enhance the quality of data transmission in MUBDI system. Because of MUBDI is tolerant with delay transmission, so that each node needs more size of storage ...

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...ay Tolerant Network typically happens when minimum two nodes within communication range make a direct communication to each other using multiple types of mobile or static node depend on its location. Even though it very hard to implement, but human interested to get the beyond knowledge and have borderless communication.
The DTN also plays a high role in supporting the researcher to develop a project with unpredictable nature or environment. We can make a conclusion here, where this type of network shows is growing importantly nowadays because of two strong justifications, which is user willingness where they eager to retrieving/providing information wherever communication can be established and also popularization of powerful portable devices. The combination of the two reasons makes Delay Tolerant Network become a big impact to its evolution in networking world.
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