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Women Living in a Man’s World Women have been historically treated as less-than-equal to men. Typically, women make less money than men and are subjected to jobs and duties that come along with womanhood, such as being a mother, cleaning, and cooking. If a woman were to stray from her moral obligations, then she would likely receive some form of negative backlash by her fellow peers, especially men. Many men feel that they are sexually entitled to women and it is often reflected in the language they use to refer to women. Robert Baker, in his essay “Pricks and Chicks”, argues that the identification of women reflects our conception of them, and because our conception of women is male chauvinistic, the root of our problem lies with the conception of sex in general. In this essay I will argue that the words that we use to refer to women such as; bitch, cunt, babe, etc. are almost purely negative in the views of the female gender. These words usually refer to something dirty and sexual, and this association between these words and women shows that we define women as well as something dirty and sexual. Not only do these words objectify women, but they also contend to keep women at a social stand-still, by forbidding them to have any true progress in the competition of the sexes. However, one could argue that men are also subjected to sexual name-calling when words like prick, dick, ass, asshole, etc. and that the problem is equivalent to that of women’s. Regardless, women are sexually objectified substantially more than men and the issue does not have the same effect on men than it does on women. Kushner 2 Humankind in general is in favor of the male gender. Men in most societies have much higher positions, both professionally and ... ... middle of paper ... ... Kushner 6 Our conception of women is a vulgar dirty and sexualized conception at best. In our language we reflect this conception by using phrases such as “bitch, whore, cunt, etc.” to demean women and deprive them of equality to men. However, men also have grievances about being called names such as “prick, dick, asshole, etc.” and that they have similar problems to women. Even though this argument has validity, it does not compare to the frequent objectification that women face on a day to day basis. Men will always be much more superior to women. The solution to the segregation between men and women would be only to make everything for men and women completely equal. Although it is a good idea in theory, it is likely that it will never happen in reality. Moreover, men and women were to be equal, it would take an extremely long time for it to become successful.

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