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Introduction In the early 20th century, several people thought that alcohol was the root of evil and that it should be banned. Supporters of banning alcohol were part of the temperance movement, while other supporters of prohibiting the sale, manufacturing or transportation of alcohol were part of the Anti-Salon League. In the year 1919, the supporters of banning alcohol received their wish and the United States ratified the 18th amendment. The new law stated that intoxicating liquors shall not be manufactured, sold or transported . The passing of the 18th amendment was intended to reduce violence and other problems that were affecting American families. However, the 18th amendment inadvertently increased the presence of organized crime and moonshiners alike. Consequently, many individuals will argue that the 18th amendment caused the crime rate in America to decrease, while others believe that crime increased from this amendment; both statements are considerably accurate, but to a certain extent. In addition overall crime, the discussion related to moonshiners will be reflected upon; more specifically how this group of individuals reacted to the law and stirred up crime across the country. Furthermore, the topic pertaining towards crime during this era has a direct correlation to corrupt law enforcement and unclear guidelines pertaining to the 18th Amendment; both of these factors inhibited crime during the prohibition of alcohol in the United States. Finally, the overall expenses and man power to enforce this amendment seemed to be outweighing any positive side effects that may took place; this led to the repeal of the 18th amendment. Pursuing the 18th Amendment The passing of the 18th Amendment stood as a response to many ... ... middle of paper ... ...refore, rather than focusing on the quality of the alcohol being produced; moonshiners started to focus on the quantity. Since the quantity of alcohol being produced significantly increased, the quality slowly deteriorated. This enabled moonshiners to use “toxic ingredients to create alcohol, thus causing individuals to go blind, become paralyzed or even die” In addition to moonshiners selling alcohol, they also found ways to transport it as well. Since both transporting and selling were considered a crime, moonshiners devised a way to outrun law enforcement. One of the more common efforts made by moonshiners was their effort to modify their cars. Moonshiners decided that modifying their cars would aid in escaping and outrunning law enforcement. This plan was seemingly effective for moonshiners, but created a safety hazard to any and all individuals in their path.

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