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The Civil War lasted four years between the North and South about slavery and the South separating itself from the United States. Many soldiers that fought were wounded, died, or had a serious illness. Soldiers from both the North and the South had fought in the same conditions doing the same things, but they were each fighting for a separate cause with different amount of resources. During the Civil War the South was known as the Confederates while the North was the Union. Soldiers from both places were fighting against each other for different causes with unlike amounts of resources needed to fight the battle that was ahead of them. The Northerners were fighting to abolish slavery across the United States while the Southerners were trying to keep slavery, or else they would separate from the United States. The soldiers not only faced differences between slavery, they also differed in amounts of resources they could use. The North had developed more than the South which led them to have much more railroads which made it easier for the soldiers to get around. The Union also had mor...

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