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Before I begin I just wanted to say that this class was very intertaing and at the same time somewhat difficult. I really enjoyed how you would teach the class not only with us writting down things and taking notes but also with us watching video clips on the screen and also with us getting up from our seats and moving aroung several times like how you had us do in your class. You are a really good teacher. I ma not just saying this to get on your good side; I actually really do mean what I am saying right now. I am glad I was able to be in your class and learn a lot about this complicated world of dance.
Another thing that I really enjoyed from your class were all those times you had us doing Dancing With the Stars. I believe by having us do that actually made us learn more about the dances and had us more aware of how the dances look and overall just to be able to identify the concepts of all these dances. I also liked going to those dance concerts that is also a good way to have us know how the dances look and learn more on how they develop and change a lot throughout the many c...

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