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The pencil skid across the paper. Thick and thin lines intersected on the white canvas, mingling with the various hues of grey. Becca stood from her hunched position over her drawing board and stepped back to see the pier that she drew. It was a simple, monochromatic drawing, but to her it managed to capture the feeling of summer; the warmth of the sun and the cool waves of the ocean. She glanced to her wrist watch, it was noon and she'd been drawing since earlier that morning. She hadn't even noticed the time fly by. Drawing had that Zen mode effect on her once she started she found it difficult to stop. "I’m thirsty." She said and went to work packing up her sketchbook and pencils. Becca walked into The Stowaway, her eyes scanning the lightly packed bar for Declan. She had to admit that she'd hung around here a lot. Maybe it was too distracted herself from her current situation. She spotted his curly head peeking out from behind a stack of crates that he held in his arms as he came around the front of the bar. Becca walked to the door, opening it for him. "Hey, thanks." He said and placed the crates on the bar. His turned to her wiping his forehead on the back of his hand. "Becca what's up?" "A soda would be nice.” She gestured to the bar. "Oh, right," Declan walked to the bar getting a soda from the cooler. Becca gave him a few bills in exchange for the beverage. She noticed a clip board in front of her she held it up trying to decipher the scribbles and numbers on the spreadsheet, she whirled in the bar stool to the towering mass of crates and boxes sitting in the surrounding booths. "Are you taking inventory?" She asked. As he took a sip of his water bottle Declan nodded, "Yeah, my brother's having me unload ... ... middle of paper ... ...e answer to solving your problem." Jack rolled his eyes, "Really, and that would be?" "Hire Becca." Declan said, gesturing to her. "She helped me out and you know I can't do all this on my own. She did the spread sheet; she's as much of a neat freak as you." Jack turned to Becca, "I'm sorry if Declan put you up to this Becca." "No, Jack he didn't. Look, I have experience as a cashier, I waitressed and babysit. Declan says that you guys need some extra hands around here." Becca smiled. Jack looked like he wasn't going to budge. "Come on Jack, Declan whined, "I'm dyin' here." Jack puffed in his cheeks, and let out a breath of air. "Alright, you're on waitress duty with Declan. You can start tomorrow, noon shift." Jack picked up the spreadsheet, muttering something about what a great idea color coding the time sheet was, and walked off to the back room.

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