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In this project I will inform you about the following topics clinical trials – stages, reasons for testing, importance of testing, double blind trials. Placebos. Illegal and legal drugs such as cannabis heroin cocaine caffeine and alcohol.
Clinical trials – stages
Clinical trials is when people try there drug to make sure it is safe for the public and so that there is no in the picture below this shows the format of a clinical trial evaluation this one was about thoracic irradiation which would help to limit lung cancer. It shows what it is the purpose then how to use it and the result of the trial and then the conclusion. Clinical trials it would go first it would go and try it on a cell and tissue to test if it was deadly or not this is so it doesn’t kill animals which would go to the next stage where they would try it on an animal to see if it works or not on an animal so it doesn’t die so no lives are at risk at any time thin it would move to a small group of volunteers to test on humans for the first time. Eventually they would try it on a large group of ill people. Then ...

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