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Privacy is like a tissue paper; it could be penetrated as easy as a nail break through a paper. When we think closing our eyes will make us invisible, and we thought no one can see and hear us, we’re might right. But until someone watches and listens. Just like 1984, people stay in the shade and are not allowed to have secrets, even you have and will be vaporized. Live under oppression cause Winston can no longer stand for spiritual oppression and resist, which leads to his death. We can see Winston as present Snowden who exposed top secrets and now is to flee to avoid threats and doubt his role in the government. Snowden finds what he does was against human moral and resists government just as he expose secrets and flee to the HK for shelter. Back to 1984, people were basically living under the telescreen, an item that obligates people’s life and observe people. Now days, people are able to collect secrets through the internet. When we were younger, we think closing our eyes will make us invisible, and we thought no one sees us and hears. we might be right. But until someone watches and listens. At first Winston take O’Brien as friendly friends who from outside the party, he thinks O’Brien is the only one who understands Winston’s feeling, but turn out to be thought police and put Winston in jail, friendly face could be threats back to that time.
We now have ability to collect secrets and store data for the rest of our lives. With technology development, it looks like our privacy is unpredicted and impermeable. People think that privacy is easier to protect these days, until recent report of Snowden exposing NSA spying on American citizens through cellphone and internet. US government forces Cellphone Company to spy their own cu...

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...rnment has used our security and privacy to make life more convenient for them. When we look from 1984, technology weren’t developed, only communication people use is journal, Winston tend to write journal to change history that has been settled, as well as a mean of communicating his thoughts and feeling to the future generation even he doesn’t care.
In short, privacy has become more personal after 1984 not like every one cannot hold a secret. Privacy has grown so intrusive that people don’t even notice they’re being watched. Snowden doubt his role in government and finds his job is against human moral, exposing all the US secrets. Back to 1984, basically people had no privacy, otherwise you will be vaporized. Winston challenge big brother to have internal sexual with Julia and write diary, all of those disobey big brother’s law of privacy, it leads to his deadth.
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