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It was the time of Enlightenment and all through the house, the world’s civilians were starting to grouse. As time had passed new thinkers emerged, believing that it was possible to get rid of ignorance and tyranny in the world. One of the more popular methods of attempting such changes was the use of satire. Satire was a way in which people could criticize an idea while being humorous, often making it more possible to catch the attention of the masses. One example of this A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift. His work specifically focused on the tyranny of the aristocracy, which many Enlightenment thinkers hated. His piece primarily used exaggeration to get his point across. As the Enlightenment progressed there were several clear targets of its main thinkers. They were religion, and the domination of society by the aristocracy and higher class, specifically those born into these positions of power. The idea that the aristocracy should not have so much power is one reason why Swift wrote A Modest Proposal. At the time when A Modest Proposal was written Ireland, Swift’s native count...

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