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Stakeholders to Implement Strategic Plans

The Strategic Diversity Plans for the Blytheville School District will be available to everyone in the district via the Blytheville School District website. It will also be available to any member of the school community upon request. The stakeholders involved in the Strategic Diversity Plans will consist of a combination of community leaders, parents, students and faculty members. Various meetings will be conducted to allow all members to have a say in the formulation of this strategic diversity plan. The meetings will be guided by focused questions and research based skills and procedures that will help the stakeholders the best possible decisions on behalf of the learners.
Stakeholder Committee Members

Community Leaders:
1. Monte Hodges – Business leader in the neighborhood that believes all children have the ability to be successful. He is willing to cover the cost of potential flyers, bulletin boards, and media relations.
2. Jacquin Benson – He is a young, gifted African American that has serviced the community for four years. He established an organization called "Healing In the Hood" based on a vision he had. He is a very proactive gentleman who takes pride in servicing children. He is also a positive influence and role-model for young adults. He serves as a youth minister and mentor for young males. His famous quote is, “Dream It, Believe It, Become It”. He is very involved in the community. He is also involved in school activities, programs, and provides a welcomed insight into issues of diversity.
3. Pastor Strong - Leader of the largest church in the district. He has served as lead pastor of First Assembly of God in Blytheville, AR, since the fall of 2009. Under his leaders...

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...responsibility. Our school district will offer education and training to our faculty, staff, Trustees, students, and parents that raises awareness of and sensitivity to issues of diversity. o Teachers will have yearly staff development on specific diversity topics as deemed necessary by central office. o Teachers will be required to complete one (1) AETN Ideas portal class per semester on diversity and differentiated instructional strategies. o Teachers will be required to describe how they will address diverse learners in their yearly professional growth plan and in their weekly lesson plans. o Based upon the yearly training, staff members will write reflections on how the training helped foster change in the teaching and learning process, what topics did not help as much, and suggested courses that should be offered during the next year’s professional development.

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