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For my observation I did it at a Chicago public School, on the south side of Chicago in an urban area. There are about 25 students in the classroom, Five of the twenty fives students in the classroom have an special need, One has autism and the other four has ADHD.The host teacher name is Mrs. Coleman, along with her in the classroom there are about three additional teachers. The lesson I observed was in a first grade classroom. This lesson was on building a community. The classroom arrangement was set up where the children could be in groups and the teacher made sure that the lesson was written on the board for the children to come back to if they needed. The walls in the classroom had examples of the lesson that they were going to concentrate on. In addition to that the materials that the children needed to do the lesson were assemble to them. The lesson was to get students to become comfortable working with each other in an academic and social atmosphere. The students will explore the concept of making maps by becoming familiar with their classroom and the rest of their sc...

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