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Introduction When comparing white men vs black men employees a clear difference or racial discrimination is shown, the first difference is in the amount of money a white employee makes vs a black employee. Studies have given evidence of this statement time and time again. I will discuss many of these studies in my paper, showing the clear proof of the racial gap in earnings. On average across the board black workers make less than white workers doing the same job, and having the same qualifications. This difference can be rather large in some cases. There are also many reasons explaining this pay gap which will be discussed. Some of these reasons can explain why there is a gap in the salary for each. Unfortunately these reasons cannot completely explain the racial gap in earnings across the United States. The second difference is in the hiring process for black men vs white men candidates. Discrimination is also prevalent in this area as well. Studies also have shown a clear difference in the people who get hired. I will focus on entry level positions and CEOs. In both cases white candidates get hired more often than black candidates when both have equal experience, and qualifications. The same goes for top level management and CEO positions. Reasons for the difference in hiring will be discussed and explained. Although again these reasons cannot explain whole the racial gap in hiring for the United States. In this literature review I plan on digging deeper to discover the true reasons behind the racial gap in the United States. The research I have gathered and will focus on comparing white male workers, and black male workers. Section 1: The discrimination in pay between black vs white workers. Clear discrimination against ... ... middle of paper ... ...color of their skin. Section 4: Ways to better correct discrimination Correcting discrimination should be a priority for all firms because this will only help the company in the future. Many companies have policy’s requiring hiring of different ethnical backgrounds. One great example is the Rooney rule. This rule makes NFL football team’s interview minorities for head coaching positions. This gives blacks and other minorities an equal opportunity for the head coach position. Policy’s such as this could be instituted into all companies across the United States. This would help with the discrimination in the hiring process. Also getting more blacks and minorities into upper management positions could possibly help with the wage gap problem. Getting more minorities into upper management and making more decisions could be the only way to even out the playing field.
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