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The United States have created policies in which it targets minority groups, but especially African Americans. Throughout the history of our nation, our government has an inferior complex of blacks in fear of rebellion from the lower to middle social classes. History tells us that people are willing to unite for a cause regardless of racial differences. Mass incarceration is a product of the Jim Crow Laws that plagued this nation after the civil war. The effects of being labeled a convicted felon is similar to the era before the civil rights laws were passed. I argue that that the United States government has intentionally created policies in which, it has become more indirect over the years, allowing them to unfairly discriminate blacks and mass incarceration while creating invisible blanket of privileges for whites. Through incarceration, the rights of blacks and aid from government agencies are revoked, thus creating an endless cycle of futility. In the beginning of our nation, blacks were not considered slaves, but as indentured servants. Blacks were introduced by the Virginia Company as a source of labor to increase the colony’s economy. White indentured servants were also prevalent in the colonial era, roughly about half to two thirds white who immigrated in this time period did not have the funds to do so. Indentured servants were compensated for their period of services that included the blacks as well. In 1676 Nathaniel Bacon started a rebellion, which is known as the Bacon’s Rebellion, against the leaders of Jamestown. As indentured servants were completing their servitude to their sponsors to the colony, they moved westward from Jamestown and began settling near Native American land. Bacon wanted help from the colony... ... middle of paper ... not have to deal with on a daily basis. Discrimination has come a long way from the days of slavery to where it is now. Like a virus, it has learned to evolve and has become stronger as try to rid of it from society. Through the tactics of the government, they have intentionally discriminated against blacks while lifting the white race just enough to create distance of relationship. The Bacon Rebellion and the populist movement shows the fear of the elitist and how they controlled the law to prevent these events from happening again. Mass incarceration and its effects are similar to the age the Jim Crow Law because the punishment involves disfranchisement and rights of a normal citizen. No longer can we accept this virus to grow and evolve to discriminate against. No longer can we wait for these injustices to continue fester within our society. We need change.
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