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Discover Engineering: Aerospace engineering
Engineering is the use of science and technology and solving problems involving the needs of daily human life. Engineering has four major disciplines which are chemical Engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. According to “discover engineering” chemical engineering uses a chemical process to innovate and designing products. the article, “ discover engineering” also states that civil engineering is the process of overseeing the construction buildings and infrastructures that make up our world. the same article , “ discovering engineering” states that electrical engineering develops components for some of the most fun things in life, for example the table as well as computer networks and wireless communications. the last main discipline of engineering mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is the design of materials such as a lock for a bike or a hybrid car engine as stated by “ discovering engineering”. Engineers are responsible for solving problems and making sure that things work more effectively. In the process of solving problems, being an engineer is not easy since the job of Engineers is design products as well as machinery to make those products in order to make the human life problems easier.

Aerospace engineering
The engineering profession that I have chosen is Aerospace Engineering. Aerospace engineering is the process of working on vehicles or even working with the outer space. For example working a spacecraft with bringing the crew from the international space station. In order to be an aerospace engineer you need a bachelor's degree according to page 212 of the book “ Aviation A...

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... All engineering paths have something in common. Which is that they all work on different ways to innovate the needs of daily day lives. According to, engineering is called the stealth profession because no one really knows what an engineer is or does. many people say that an engineer and a scientist are not the same. The only difference between and engineers and a scientist is the vision according to “” . The interpersonal characteristics that are important in the success of an engineer are first of all to always create different crazy ideas and build from there in order to design or innovate. another characteristic is to always take your duty seriously and don't stop until the good results show up. Being an engineer is not easy. everyday they have to work on solving problems of daily life and innovating materials for the daily life.
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