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Introduction Disability is made out to be something that is it completely not, which is due to the narrow view of society inhabits. This creates a divide and a wide gap between the able bodied people of society and ones who inhabit both physical and mental/emotional disadvantages, ultimately giving a head start and advantage to able bodies. When the word disability pops up in books or conversation a negative connotation is immediately given automatically, without even thinking about it. This is because society created these discriminative values and norms naturally based on the belief able-bodied people are better. Societal discrimination based on grown beliefs and values leads to misconceptions with women making them vulnerable to sex bias. Discrimination also is unfair and disabled people not only cannot work or are easily forgotten about in work or society but also they try and change to fit the harsh terms society’s lives are based upon. Thematic Presentation There is a link between all of the articles. The links act as a connection all relating and coming back to the idea that discrimination is a main factor in the lives of people with mental, emotional or physical disabilities. People suffering with disabilities live complex lives in which things such as being a girl, or looking for a job or walking out in public are looked at and picked apart giving them nothing but a hard time. The main topics of a person’s sex, work and financial business and society all intertwine and are based on the purpose of discrimination. Sex bias, work discrimination and our strong closed minded societal norms have a seriously negative affect on disabled people. It causes unneeded stress in both short term and long term feelings. Men... ... middle of paper ... ...isabled people and non-disabled people which leads to discrimination in simple things like the right to work or even the right to live as a women with or without disabilities. We care about the issues surrounding disability because they should not go unnoticed and they are causing serious short term and long term effects that can have serious consequences and affect someone’s life negatively. The connection of discrimination within disability makes people with disabilities feel unnoticed, unappreciated and not fully comfortable with asking for help, applying for jobs or even participating within society. For the future, research needs to investigate the day to day struggles of people with disabilities and we need to understand what they go through. This can give insight into our close minded brains that things are really not fair for them and they need to be fixed.
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