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Through-out the three days of recording my diet for this diet project, I’ve realized that I don’t exactly eat a lot of food. The food that I do eat however, is mostly processed and not very healthy. I’m glad that I had the chance to look closely at my diet because it has definitely made an impact on what and how I will chose to eat in the future. Section 1: 3 Day average report “My Plate”. I came up short when it came to my actual intake vs. the recommended intake of each food group. I can see why I would be low in every food group considering my diet consists of mainly microwaved and processed foods. My grains Intake came up short by 3oz, my vegetable intake came up 0.8 cups short, my fruit intake came up short the full recommended amount of 1.5 cups, and my protein intake was 2.9oz short. On day 1 I had Cheetos, a Lunchable pack, and Ice Cream. So clearly I’m lacking when it comes to getting enough of each food group. Day 2, again I had Ice cream, a chimichanga, a pork chop, and corn. One observation I made is that all of my dairy intake comes from the amount of ice cream I consume. Day 3, I had a slice of bread and quesadillas at lunch. I’m surprised at the fact that I didn’t consume any fruits and very little vegetables. Section 2: Fruits and Vegetable Assessment. I ate a very low amount of vegetables and no fruits during the three days I recorded my food intake. The only vegetable I had was 2 cups of canned corn. The reason for this is simply because I just never really have fruits and vegetables at my house. Although, I did Increase the amount on the fruit and vegetable survey I had taken after finishing part one of my diet project. It wasn't by much, there was still improvement. I intend to continue increasing the am... ... middle of paper ... ...king more dairy products because I just so happen to be low in calcium and have multiple risk factors for osteoporosis. Section 9: Fluid Intake. In the span of 3 days I’d only consumed about 6 cups of water. The recommendation for females is 6 cups of water a day. Trust me, I don’t know what I’m thinking either. Personally, I think I forget to drink water throughout the day. I always wait until I can really say “i’m thirsty”. Though, I’ve already started to change my fluid since part one of my diet project. Now, I drink 4-5 water bottles a day. In conclusion to all of my findings, I’ve decided to try a vegetarian diet and regular exercise. I begin this diet May 1st, and surprisingly I’m looking forward to it. Is I stated previously, I’ve already made some corrections to my food intake. I’d have to say that with the changes I have made, I really do feel healthier.
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