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According to the three-day nutritional report, my RDA intake is not accordingly to a desirable nutrition; I have deficiencies under micronutrients as well as macronutrients. In order to understand this procedure, I decided to break everything down by discussing all of the nutrients that fall below 80%. The goal is to recognize the factors that are affecting a desirable nutrition as well as to identify the food groups that will improve my nutritional health.
Note: The DRI values are modify in my diet due to an attempt to lose weight. The usual intake of calories for a person like me would be 2200kcal/day, but the recommended calorie intake to lose 2lb a week would be 1669.73 calories per day.
To begin with the three-day report, I will start with the intake of macronutrients; I fall below the recommended intake for calories. The value intake for calories was 1,263.83 and the DRI’s goal is 1,669.73 -76%, calories from fat value 172.86 DRI’s goal is 467.36 -37%, Calories from saturated fat value 41.23 DRI’s goal is 150.22 -27%. Consequently, these results indicate that I am not eating the right amount of calories/day. In an attempt to lose weight, I followed the wrong diet, so I will have to eat a bit more.
Macronutrients [Carbohydrates ✓ fats ✗ proteins ✓ ]
Fats value 19.21 DRI’s goal is 51.93 -37% This intake is lower than 80%; therefore, I am not taking the right amount of “good” fats like avocadoes, olive oil, nuts, and fish; However, my cholesterol intake shows a value of 390.05 when the DRI’s goal is 300.00- -130%, over 80%, this could be due to the fact that I am consuming a great deal of animal products (red meats to be more specific). I need to decrease the amount of animal fats and focus on acquiring my unsatur...

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..., yogurt, cheese, and cottage cheese.
Iron72% in order to correct this deficiency I will have to add more of these foods: red meat, egg yolk, dark leafy greens, liver, and dried fruit.
Magnesium 66% in order to correct this deficiency I will have to add more of these foods: fish, beans, lentils, dark chocolate.
Potassium 47% in order to correct this deficiency I will have to add more of these foods: white beans, baked potatoes, fish, squash, bananas, mushrooms, and avocadoes.

In conclusion, in order to achieve a desirable nutrition and to be healthy, I will have to consume more of the foods previously mentioned on each category/group or by adding to my diet a nutritional supplement. The intake of calories is also important, so by adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet, I am confident, I will reach the desired weight and a healthier life.
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