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Are You Living or Just Existing “Are You Living or Just Existing?” is the central focus in Tyler Perry’s film, The Family that Preys. The plot of the film involves two post-menopause women going on a road trip before one succumbs to Alzheimer’s. The women have no particular destination, but it is in not knowing that they gain self-fulfillment on their little adventure. Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s Ulysses depicts Ulysses after his return to Ithaca. Ulysses is not delighted, as one would expect him to be after the overcoming the many hardships he faced on his return to Ithaca, but he is rather distraught with his life of domestication. It is through his unhappiness and his desire to travel to world that Tennyson’s writes his poem. He rationalizes in monologue why it is more beneficial to go on another adventure than to remain king of Ithaca. Evidence of Ulysses’ discontentment is blatantly present in the content of his monologue and within Tennyson’s elaborate use of allusions and incorporation of breaks in meter. The most readily available proof of Ulysses’ discontentment can be obtai...

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