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Delaying marriage is increasing in last decade, couples used to stay in a better financial position and able to spend more for household’s products more than if they had married earlier. (Hoyer et al., 2010) In one-child households, child is playing an important role to influence parent, since they are only child and have pester power, whereas parents will give since the time pressure or they affordable to buy.

One-child households and it seems that both parents prefer to work in full-time in order to earn a living for their families and provide the best to children. For instance, parent will to bring their only child traveling oversea, in order to provide an experience and better development to growth. Hence, it is recommended that travel agencies can fulfill these families’ needs to provide their children with the opportunity to experience another culture and broaden their horizons.

Furthermore, one-child parent wish to provide child the best to eat, time constraint is a progressive motivator to shop in department stores. Since department store gathers a wide variety of food and beverages, household appliances, and apparel. Some of department store in Hong Kong are provides a food court inside department store such as JUSCO (AEON STORES (HK) Co., Ltd., 2011) and SOGO (SOGO, 2014). This brings customers much convenience.

To maintain customers loyalty, department stores are offering an affiliate program. Parents also want to save money for bringing up their children, and will be attracted to shop in stores, which is offered discounts. For instance, Jusco Store (AEON, 2011) and YATA(YATA, 2013) member with purchase discount on special date. Also, department stores are providing a fast and free delivery service with certain a...

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...e likely to see such eye-catching advertisements at the MTR. As a result, Nissin’s brand awareness and recognition will be enhanced through this media. Imagine that Nissin did this advertising campaign merely on magazines. Not all target audience could be reached then and the noise would be insignificant.

4. Conclusion
To conclude, there have been prominent changes in households patterns and structures in recent years. The demographics change and the market trends will follow to change. Marketers have to adopt new and innovative marketing and promotion strategies to capture the market trends. The most important thing is to investigate changes and trends in the external business environment, as well as the internal business environment. Otherwise, if the marketing strategies do not fit the market and target segments, companies cannot succeed in the long term then.
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