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Extra Credit Comment
Law and Society

A. Majority of the growing attentions that participate within the same-sex marriage topics, through recent times, vastly increased from public agendas. For example, growing attentions reached highs when a Supreme Court case in 2003, Lawrence v Texas, threw out same-sex criminal sodomy laws. The popularity of this movement has ascended particularly because sexual minorities, nationwide, are living their lives more openly and genuinely based off how the media has portrayed positive reinforcements, including Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson Cooper, and many others. Thousands of same-sex couples have entered in legal marriages in numerous states. Therefore, permitting gay marriage to become a matter of national dispute. Hence, these legal acknowledgements towards same-sex relationships have allowed development into an issue that is as contentious as the environment.
B. On the contrary, some of these marriages, however, have failed just have heterosexual marriages. When deciphering on the idea of allowing same-sex marriages or not, the answer is clear. Sa...

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