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Mexico City in Mexico. Mexico City is the oldest city in North America and one of the largest megalopolis in the world. The main language in Mexico City is Spanish. Mexico City is native place for Aztecs. (“Mexico city”). Lots of people move there for jobs, to avoid an unemployment. This essay aspires to estimate the positive and negative effect of migration in Mexico City. Research will be started by assessing economic factors of immigration and then continue evaluating social factors. In the process it will be highlighted that the impacts of migration are balanced.

Economic factors.
The first argument is the economic factors of immigration and positive and negative impacts of immigration on economy of Mexico City. Mexico City was the 25th largest economy in the world with a Gross Domestic Product of $390 milliard US dollars. Mexico City consists up to 21.5 % of the country’s GDP as well as being the industrial sector. Due to this fact, unemployment in the city is as low as 4.9%. Subsequently of this economic boom, Mexico City became the epicenter for immigrants from Southern regions to seek work, bringing the total population to over 19.5 million people.(“Mexico City”). In 2012 GDP of Mexico City was $411 milliard US dollars. (Mexico city, Mexico» City Info) . According to the information above we can see that it is the pull factor of migration to Mexico City. Mostly, businessmen migrate to Mexico City, because every headquarters of many of Mexico's most significant companies are located here and the representation of the federal government is based in this city. Foreign companies open their firms in Mexico city and the main reas...

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...th rate will rise too because of overdose and because of these cases demography of this country and of this city will decrease. Moreover, in this city will be drug war, that can lead to death of population of this city and increase death rate of this city.

Violence will rise because of drugs. “We’ve seen the level of violence rise around Mexico City over the past four or five years, and it is related to retail drug trafficking,” said Jorge Chabat, a leading security analyst. The security analyst Jorge Chabat claim that level of violence increase because of drug trade.

So, from the information above, it can be argued that the social factors of immigration can negatively impact on society because of drugs, violence and crime related, which with each other.

To sum up, it seems clear that there are benefits and drawbacks of immigration in Mexico city.
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