dengue encephalitis

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Neuroimaging findings in dengue encephalitis are nonspecific, however occasionally it may provide additional clues for the diagnosis of dengue encephalitis. In dengue encephalitis, brain MRI can be normal or show focal parenchymal abnormalities [14]. Diffuse cerebral oedema is the the most common finding in dengue CNS infection. [6] Focal parenchymal change is the other major findings. Meningeal enhancement on post-contrast MRI has also been reported occasionally as well. [6] Cerebellar involvement in dengue infection is very rare. There are few previous reports describing cerebellar involvement in dengue infection. [22, 23, 24] In few cases cerebellar syndrome was result of post infectious acute disseminated demyelination. [23]. Small series from Sri Lanka reported three cases with cerebellar syndrome associated with dengue infection. Two of the patients were probably post infectious, while one possibly had acute infective cerebellitis and imaging in this patient showed symmetrical hyperintense lesions in the cerebellar hemispheres on T2W images. [24] Recent reports have also shown ...

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