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Students Success in a Modern Educational System

There are many majors that one could take while attending college. All of them play an important roll in our society and we need all of them, although there is one major that should be recognized and that is Education. People should appreciate this major because most people at some point in their life have had the benefit of having a teacher. Teachers should be appreciated more for all the work that they do because they truly make a difference in society.
Teachers are important to society for many reasons. Their objective is to help students accomplish educational goals, learn to the best of their ability and help them grow. If they achieve this then the student passes a class and or eventually graduates. Without teachers, students would not be able to get a major leaving a major setback in society. Often, teachers put a lot of time into their lesson plans while trying to think of creative ways to make the lessons exciting for their students in the classroom.
Teachers are often blamed if a student does not pass a class especially in elementary school. Why is it their fault though? If they have a good lesson plan and are trying to help their students then why is it their fault if a student does not pass the grade? This would be different if the teacher was not trying to help the students and did not give good instruction, but if they did then they should not be at fault. If the student is misbehaving and not paying attention then that student may need more help or have detention to try and make up for the missed work. Also, if the student chooses not to do assignments outside of the classroom that is not the fault of the teacher.
There are some mediocre teachers out there, whic...

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... show up and put aside everything else that may be going on in their life to try and help their students. This can be difficult sometimes especially if they are going through a hard time in their personal life. Though they still show up and put a smile on their face. Not all teachers do this, but the good ones do. When teachers are able to do this it is an amazing gift that even though something may be hard in their life they put it aside just so they can teacher to their students and try and make an impact in their students’ lives. Ever teacher should try and obtain this and display it in their classroom everyday. You never know whose life you may impact just by giving them a smile and showing that you care and are trying to be the best you can be. Teachers should get appreciated more for all the work that they do because they truly make a difference in society.
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