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The Boston Massacre of 1770, the 1836 Battle of the Alamo and the protests for civil rights led by Martin Luther in the 1960s all have made significant contributions to the identity of the United States but if history had taken a different course the interpretations of these events would be drastically different from the primarily unified interpretation that they receive in the contemporary United States. As these events have helped define the United States identity the February 28 Incident has been an even more important molder of the Taiwanese as it has “made Taiwanese history thinkable” in defining the Taiwanese as a unified people. Just as the Boston Massacre would have been interpreted and labeled differently if the British had squelched the American Revolution, the the events of the February 28 Incident has come under different interpretations by the Taiwanese and the KMT government due to historical circumstances and different expectations and plans for the future.
Before these different interpretations of the actions that transgressed on February 28 are discussed the initial expectations for the future of Taiwan after WWII held by the Taiwanese and KMT must be understood as they were the fuel and foundation for the countering interpretations. When it was known that the KMT would hold jurisdiction of Taiwan, the Taiwanese had “euphorically optimistic expectations” of returning to Chinese rule, believing that the Sate building of Taiwan would be an “immediate success, if not perfection” (Myers, 168, 169). This delusion stemmed from their fifty year experience of the highly efficient Japanese government, and they naturally expected the KMT administration to perform with a “similar efficient system, cum democracy” (Mye...

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...ent corruption was to blame may be genuine, much of this demonstration is done out of political competition against opposing parties such as the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) who carry a refined sentiment of the earlier Taiwanese Independent Movement and also use the February 28 Incident as a political tool and stimulant.
The contemporary Taiwanese political parties use of this event as a prod for gaining political favor and the assuredness of its use by future Taiwanese politicians highlights the contemporary poignancy of the February 28 Incident to the Taiwanese people. It has received different interpretations throughout the years and survived the attempts of washing it from history but regardless of its interpretation it will stand as the “most important single event in Taiwanese history” as it defined the Taiwanese as a unified people (Edmondson 25).

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the boston massacre of 1770, the 1836 battle of the alamo and the protests for civil rights led by martin luther in the 1960s all contributed to the united states identity.
  • Analyzes how the initial expectations for the future of taiwan after wwii held by the taiwanese and kmt were the fuel and foundation for countering interpretations.
  • Analyzes how the kmt's expectations of the taiwanese were dashed from the moment they stepped onto the island. the civil war explains the undisciplined and uncultured state of their soldiers.
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