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Information about Deep has been drip-fed to us since it was unveiled last year and we were al captivated by its incredible graphical prowess. Now time is getting on and we are getting closer to a possible release, so what do we know about the game so far? Who Makes It The PlayStation 4 exclusive was unveiled by Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono along side Capcom’s new “Panta Rhei” game engine in February last year, yes it has been that long already! We wee hoping to see a lot more from them at E3 last year but Capcom are ever the tease and left us in suspence. Story and Gameplay From what you saw of earlier trailers the game will mainly revolve around the occupational hazards of dungeon crawling, complete with knights, spells and fire breathing dragons. Check out the launch trailer. Well the game isn’t all that it appears, despite all the medieval shenanigans we have seen up to this point, the game plot is actually set in the year 2094 where you play the part of a talented individual who can see the memories of the past by touching an object or artifact. Hey it works for Assasin’s Creed so why not this! Capcom using the trailer below at the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan press conference early September 2013 announced this. The game will include a procedural dungeon system and randomly-generated monsters that you will be able to tackle alongside up to three friends. Capcom boasted on Facebook (translated by Gematsu) that players would have access to an infinite number of randomly generated dungeons to explore. It has also come to our understanding that you will be able to equip different weapons and armor combinations that will affect the play... ... middle of paper ... ...e popular, Sony and Capcom have released this and have turned to the next-gen PS4 to accommodate those consumer needs. The PS4 already has a whole bunch of PS4 games that people can try out but most importantly Deep Down will add to the line up as a digitally downloadable FTP title. Now this isn’t going to be to everyone’s liking I understand, it will be incredibly important for Capcom to get the monetization just right otherwise it could switch from a turn on to a turn off very quickly. It is a sensible thing to go FTP whenever a game is fully invested in its multiplayer aspects to ensure you get the numbers playing it. Deep Down you all know your going to download this? (See what I did there) So what do we know about Deep Down? It looks awesome and I can’t wait to give the beta a go! All we need now are some Western release dates, Capcom…be dear if you would.

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