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Love is the greatest human emotion one can experience. In the poem "Leaving the Motel" by W. D. Snodgrass and "Sex Without Love" by Sharon Olds each poet shares different views on the theme of love. Snodgrass' poem focuses on a couple having an affair in a motel. As they are leaving they go through a checklist to make sure they keep their secrecy. While, Olds' poem focuses more about how people have sex without being in love. Both of these poems illustrate a strong sense of love in different ways with the help of point of view, mood, and symbolism. Even though the poems were told in different point of view, the theme love was both still present in each poem. In "Leaving the Motel" Snodgrass uses first person as a way to show the closeness of the affair he is having. Since Snodgrass barely gives any information about this couple first person narration is ideal. Compared to second or third, first person narrative is a lot more intimate and personal which may be the reason Snodgrass used it. Another benefit of first person allows the reader to understand what the characters are thinking. Throughout the poem, the word "we" is repeated multiple times (line 11, 18, 22, 25, and 26) which has a powerful meaning of together signifying the love these couple share. In contrast, the poem Olds is constantly using the word "they" (line 8 16 and 18). This signifies the poem was written in third person narrative. A third person narrative has as much benefits as well as first person, which allows a stronger sense of connection towards the reader. Using the word, "they" is a smart choice of word by Olds because speaks to a board audience. Another thing to note, Olds choice to use third person narrative brought out the amazing imagery in the poem... ... middle of paper ... ...s to express their poetry. These poets use different elements of poetry in make their own poems unique. Using specific forms of poetry will make the poem more rhythmic highlighting key aspects of the poem. Snodgrass' decision to use first person narrative brought out the closeness he had with his significant other. In contrast, Olds' choice of third person allows the reader to interpret the poem differently as if it was first person. These perspectives of narration are required to portray different aspects of love in poetry. However, these two poems connect well with one another. Since Olds' writes her poem about how individuals have sex without love. Snodgrass' poem does not see the problem with one-night stands and seems to partake in one of his own. These two poems share a great deal of differences; however, they both express their views on the same theme: love.

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