decay and blood

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Decay and Blood
Blood is mentioned so many times in Macbeth, and yes, if one just read over the story once, blood represents murder and kin. But when a reader looks deeper into the play, one can see Shakespeare’s trying to show the decay of Macbeth through blood. In the beginning, the only type of blood mentioned us from the war, when murder is understandable and used for the right reasons. Then Macbeth begins to kill for only his self benefit. Also, the guilt Macbeth feels when he kills in the beginning disappears throughout the play. So, by examining Shakespeare’s use of blood, one can see the corruption of Macbeth taking place.
In the beginning of the play, Shakespeare only mentions blood when war is brought up. Duncan says, “What bloody man is that?”(Shakespeare 3), Malcolm responds, “This is the sergeant who like a good and hardy soldier fought ‘Gainst my captivity.”(Shakespeare 3). When blood is mentioned referring to war, it represents honor, Shakespeare is showing the good uses of blood. Duncan’s referring to the soldier who fought for Malcolm. To ensure the reader knows this is a good bloodshed, he uses words like “good” and “brave friend”. Also, during war, Cawdor is convicted of treason. Shakespeare sets it up for the audience not to like Cawdor. So, that way when Duncan says, “go pronounce his present death…”(Shakespeare 7) we as the readers understand that this is a good thing. Shakespeare shows how blood in the beginning is good.
Towards the middle and end of the story, Shakespeare shows blood in a bad manner. This is showing how Macbeth is becoming corrupt because Shakespeare only mentions blood or murder when it is for the wrong reasons. Ross informs Macduff his “…wife and babe savagely slaughtered” (Shakespear...

... middle of paper ... the emotions and thoughts that would have prevented him from acting out upon his urge to kill. This shows the decay of Macbeth. He has lost many emotions, one of which the reader can assume is guilt. Macbeth also says, “give to th’edge o’th’sword his wife, his babes and all unfortunate souls.”(Shakespeare 107). Macbeth is now making rash decisions to kill a whole group of people without giving it a second thought. This shows a decay of emotions and guilt.
So blood shows the decay of Macbeth taking place. In the beginning Shakespeare talks about bloodshed for the country and war. As Macbeth changes and decays, Shakespeare talks about the bad bloodshed and now Macbeth uses murder for all the wrong reasons. Also, Shakespeare shows the change by using blood to show the loss of guilt Macbeth feels in killing people. In conclusion, blood shows the decay of Macbeth.
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