death and grief

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Sleepiness nights. Non- stop crying and over analyzing the tragic death that we have just encountered. For much of the population grief is not something that can just be overlooked, and not being able to seek medical attention. As we get older we try to understand the process of life and death. But for many, this tragic event can change someone’s life forever.
In 2005, as a very young expectant mother, I was told that I would have to make a decision that could end my first pregnancy. I was encountered with numerous information that would help keep one of my twins alive. I had met numerous specialist and nurses that would be helpful throughout my delivery. At the end, of my pregnancy my son (twin a) had passed after 31 hours. I thought numerous times to myself, “how would people treat” and “was I not a good mother.” I then was informed by the physician I was having post-partum depression. I was directed to some support groups that parents of all different ages were going through a traumatic loss of a child. After attending the support groups for almost one year, I then realized I was a good mother, and some things occur in life that sometimes medical physicians can’t explain.
In 2013, I was a very difficult I had lost two very important people in my life, my grandparents. I had encountered so much hatred and anger. Of course, I knew the age of my grandparents and did not except they would live forever (at least now I thought medically). I had gone to work from non-stop crying episodes to crying randomly. I change my social activities slightly and decided I wanted to change my views on life and do everything I was able to. I was left with numerous exceptions of continuing family traditions and gathering details were left to m...

... middle of paper ... once my grandmother had passed in January of last year, my grandfather had become depressed change all of sleep habits and was emotionally hurting. He had become angry with not only his self but with our family for the small things. I know understand that we was going through his own grieving process and didn’t know how to deal with insecurities of how life was going to be without my grandmother.
This healing process of grief at times in our life is so complicated to understand and cope with. I have experience the loss of loved ones and even my own child. And never thought I would be trying to deal with the daily. The pain of sadness that occurs and sometime feels like will not go away. But with the help of great people in my life and individuals that have made an impact in life. This clear understand will make me a little more adapted to anything in my life
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