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In a world, where most people are extremely concerned with carving their own path to success, it is tough to take a moment, pause, reflect on life, and give back to others through any means. Growing up, I often heard, “put yourself in peoples’ shoes” in order to fully fathom their situation. I used to find the statement to be rather strange, but as I matured, acting upon the phrase came naturally to me. I realized I am a complex being. The way I perceive the world around me cannot be described in words. I am a deep thinker, and I genuinely care for others regardless of their personal connections to me (i.e. Family, friends, supervisor, etc.). My skills in understanding and deciphering other people’s emotions rather quickly, helping other’s reach their utmost potential, and sincerely loving others what I love for myself intrigued me to look into the education field. I am highly attracted to the field of Education because I want to leave a grand legendary vision. In essence, I want to change individuals and ultimately the world at large for the better.
Throughout this course, I learned valuable lessons. My philosophy has been altered due to the course reading s and materials I was exposed to in CI 1001. I learned numerous terms that shaped my ideas and outlook of my educational philosophy. One of the important terms I learned was the opportunity gap, which is the immense disparity in access to high quality educational resources for culturally diverse students. This concept is demonstrated a lot in Richard Milner’s book, Start where you are, but don’t stay there. Milner feels that opportunity gap should be used as an explanation for disparate outcomes in school performances due to the fact that, “Opportunity is multifaceted, compl...

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...l and provide him extra beneficial sources to polish their skills. In addition, I would productively work with childrens’ family because in the course document, Culturally responsive parental involvement, the conclude, “Strong parental involvement that is active, consistent, and inclusive in a child’s education and school environment is essential to the success of the child and the school”(King, S.H., & Goodwin, A. L. 2002). Overall, I would be supportive and foster a receptive and welcoming environment for all the children I teach. Teaching is a rewarding career because as an educator, you will have a huge impact on children’ lives. I still remember the teachers that changed the course of my life and I am thankful to have them in my life. Similarly, I want to pay it forward and change the life of students, so they can live happier, healthier and meaningful lives.
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