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The homeless are not any different from the bourgeois and rich peoples, they involvement divorce, unemployment, brute abuse and craving. Evidently, anybody who is homeless would reach agreement that homelessness is not the path, they see them self in the long run of life. Society should accept homeless people as human. Today our society has made men and woman regulars on the city streets across the country. Many citizens are frightened by them, and other people find it sad that this generation of young folk had been unsuccessful in taking care of people who unable to take care of themselves. The homeless is vulnerable to physical health problems every day. People take for granted every day is the unbelievable, for example, indoor fire place to warm the house when the weather in the winter season while the homeless men and woman sleep under the bridge to keep them warm during the winter season. Rose Aguilar is a liberal journalist and radio host in San Francisco. She is the author of Red highways and a reflected in a six month trip period she took known as red states to interview people about voting tendencies. Her latest article is “old, Female and homeless.” The article was published in The Nation on February 11, 2013. The following analysis will explore Aguilar’s use of logos, pathos, ethos, description, and cause and effects. Writers use rhetorical strategies to help them achieve their goals. The writer wants to illustrate to the reader the hardship of being in a homeless in the city of San Francisco. The general reader should be aware of the issues and reconsider to volunteer their time to serve dinners and to help build homes for the homeless.

Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies
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Aguilar creates her article wi...

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...h permitted the reader to develop his or her own feelings while reading the story. By providing direct quotations from Marcia and other homeless, the readers get a firsthand account on how hard it is to be homeless and completely alone in her troubles. Aguilar uses vocabulary that the less educated of her readers can understand as easily as the well-educated. She did an amazing job of providing readers the evidence of the rent increase will affect the elderly who with low income will become homeless. The state should continue to offer funding for the shelter's programs thought out the state. They’re not second-class status. All of her strategies help to present a main point clearly so the reader will understand the struggling of the homeless senior in the city of San Francisco. It’s important for the writer to choose the right strategies for every situation.
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