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Paley's God Paley’s analogy of the watch designer and fine tuning is comparing it to God as the designer of the universe because of its complexity. However, this analogy can be argued to be wrong because complexity is in favor for God’s designed, but by possibility. Basically, the watchmaker argument says that because something is complex it must’ve been designed because all other thing we see that are complex are designed. It also has strains to the argument depending on who you are talk to you have a very specific addition, which is that the complexity seems to show purpose. In other words, to add to Paley’s argument, it wouldn’t be just that you looked at the watch that you found on the beach in that you said this looks extremely complex also there must be a designer but that you would look at the complexity and from that complexity infer for that the watch had a purpose of telling time. Then, that it was designed for that particular purpose so that we can tell time. Another point, fine tuning argument is an extension that which basically says that if the condition weren’t right,...