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The main theme in the article is how the appropriate performance appraisal should be implemented in a company to increase timing and fairness by being impartial to employees. Furthermore, the author discusses the various methods of performance appraisals that managers have executed in organizations.
Summarize what you think is the most important information in the article. You should include details and examples from the article. Also, identify any inferences or conclusions that this article makes.
There are several important facts about performance appraisal discussed in the article. The first significant point the author discusses is ways employers should avoid discouragement in the organization. For instance, the article discusses that employers should avoid in giving performance appraisals late or never. Instead, employers should work on giving regular performance appraisals periodically and this will stimulate employee motivation and enthusiasm.
The next significant point discussed is the formal appraisal performed on employees. This benefits the organization because it gives managers supportive documentation on the outcome of the decision. If employees feel like they have been evaluated unfairly, employers will have the appropriate paperwork to back up their decision.
“Keep it simple”, is the next important point. The author discusses by keeping a performance simple can have many benefits. For instance, by constructing a simple appraisal performances the information will be more uniform and fair to evaluate. Also, employers will have an easier time to determine the outcome of the review.
The next main point is defining the objectives that different employees should meet. The au...

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... discusses self-evaluations. At my last job, employees were required to fill out a self-assessment, listing their strengths and weaknesses, then during the review the employer would go through the list with the employee. Evaluating myself was very challenging because it made me really hard to think about my flaws. Also, it made me really ponder if I was really performing up to par and if I was being honest about my performance.
The company would rate employees on a scale one to three, this method was pretty efficient. However, I think they should have rated on a scale one to five because this would give more of a fair rating to employees.
Overall, the system my last employer had in place worked in meeting the organizations goals, strategy, and operations. Employees always seems very pleased with their reviews and had a positive attitude in improving their skills.
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