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When one is young, they gain the ability to form opinions on religion. This is important, because most people in the world have a religion. However, there are times when many people spend their entire life living in one religion. Because of this, these people will always stand up for it if one decides to challenge their religion. When this happens, we find that religion gets in the way of critical thinking. For example, some people might not accept someone because there religion does not allow it. In addition, it can cause someone to have bias opinions on certain issues. These moments are bad, because it can turn someone off from the faith, and could make him hate other people. It is clear, that religion is bad for critical thinkers, because it can make people bias, It causes religious stereotypes to occur, it can cause people to jump to conclusions without doing research, and it can detour someone from religion.
We often find that religion affects how bias people are. A good example of this when people argue about the borders of the state of Israel. This has been a debate that has been argued by many people for decades. However, there is never any progress in moving towards peace. This is because Israelis support the borders after the 1967 war. In addition, they believe that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people and they should have the right to control it. However, the Arab’s believe in the pre 1967 borders. In addition, because they believe that Israel is a holy place and they should have control over it. In America, when people argue about this debate, you often find Jews siding with the Israel’s and Muslims siding with the Arabs ( The reason for this is because, members of these two groups h...

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...thing to us, we often find that we will defend it whenever we have the opportunity. This is appropriate in many instances; however, there are times when religion can prevent someone from becoming a critical thinker. For example, we often find that land can cause religion to get in the way of critical thinking. In addition, if someone makes a mistake and says something that insults people in your religion. Also, religious stereotypes can cause someone to think badly about certain religions. . Finally, we often find that new issues that pertain to our generation has caused religion to prevent people from becoming critical thinkers All of these prevent someone from becoming a critical thinker. It is clear, that if one were to remove religion aspect from their arguments, maybe we would be able to create a better world and a safer place for all who live on this earth.
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