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Now this is where I come in, first of all I am 14 years old boy who has sky blue eyes, short black hair like Kirito but just a bit shorter, 5.5 feet tall and I am in good shape. I didn’t have to worry about getting the game because I was one of the beta testers. I knew one of the GMs and they asked me if I wanted to be a beta. I fallen in love with this game, in here I could do anything. If I experienced any problems I would tell the friend I knew (the GM) and he would always thank me for what I sent him. I was looking forward to entering this world again. I laid down on my bed next to my computer and was ready to start my adventure “Link Start!” When I open my eyes, the town of beginnings was in front of me. “I’m back here, the world which makes the impossible happen” As I looked around me other players were starting to log in. All the detail that the makers putted into this can be seen for miles, it was like SAO in every way. From the ground to the blue sky, I smiled and started my adventure. A man was standing at the gate, I stopped running towards it. “Is he hurt? I wonder what ...

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