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Plot Many years ago, Jesse’s family moved from Kentucky to Illinois. They likes their farm in Illinois. They have cows as their pets, and one of them is called Nettie. Now, Jesse’s parents decide to abandon their Illinois farm and return to their first home in Kentucky. The four children have different opinions towards that decision. Jesse is excited. Since her grandma lives there, she is happy at the thought of seeing her grandma again. Her older brother, Moses, will rather travel west, where the prairie goes on forever. He hates the idea of returning to the slave state in Kentucky. He starts arguing with Jesse and his parents. He decides to go westward alone, so he escapes from his house with his grandpa’s rifle. Since Jesse is not asleep, she notices the action of his brother. She decides to follow Moses. Later, he is found sitting near the Ohio River in the west. He is upset by the decision of returning to Kentucky. He cries loudly in front of Jesse. “Shut up!” he seems to be impatient to Jesse. Since he does not want his parents to be worried about him, he goes back home with Jesse reluctantly. While going home, a panther appears in front of him. He is shocked. Later, his father kills the panther and they are off from danger. However, Moses becomes feared about the Illinois and decides obey his parents and to move to Kentucky with his parents, but of course, still reluctantly. They start travelling from Illinois by wagon. Before the trip, Papa gives them a letter. He says that the letter will be helpful when they are kidnapped or forced to be slaves during the trip or when they have arrived at Kentucky. The beginning of the trip is smooth. However, a while later, something goes wrong - their mother has a fever, and beco... ... middle of paper ... ...he content of the letter, and writes a letter similar to that one, with minor spelling and grammar mistakes. After the homeowner read the fake letter, she is touched for the toughness of the kids. She let them go. They continue their trip. They promise each other that they won’t inform that they are orphans to the others, and also won’t allow themselves to get hurt again. They smoothly reach the house of grandma. They see an old woman lying on a wide bed – she is Grandma. “Is she okay?” “Yes.” Beside her are her friends and relatives. “Jesse…” she whispers. She smiles. She is pleasant to see them. “Where are your mum and dad - where?” Through their facial expressions, she figures out what has happened. “Now tell me, what happened to you guys? Why do you come back?” “It’s a long story.” “That’s just fine. We got all the time in the world.” And so – they begin.

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