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Masked Contribution of Negativity
George Orwell, in the novel Animal Farm, shows power, greed, inequality, and fear in a region. The story talks in a humorous tone using animals as a comparison to the people in the Russian Revolution in 1917. George Orwell talks specifically about this topic to show the cycle of totalitarian. He expresses his opinion and how he views the human nature as they constantly try to make any action that would benefit specifically for them. The humans tend to be oppressive to another person and organism. The taste of powers stirs up their bottomless lust for more causing them to conduct fear towards their fellow comrades so they can obtain their desire.
The chain of totalitarian starts off with a farmer name Jones. He took control over the entire farm and the animals within it. Jones did not treat the animal fairly, instead he was often drank wine and being drunk. A wise old pig name Old Major (compared to Karl Marx in Russian Revolution) had seen enough of how in cable Jones was in having farm animal and told the group of animal to join together as allies to fight and throw over the ruler. Old Major gave an inspirational speech. He soon made animalism which is similar to what Karl Marx did when he was creating Marxism. After a series of battles, Napoleon who was a pig went into power to lead the entire farm animal in their future. All the pigs including Napoleon told the animal farm to work harder to succeed. Napoleon, who represents Stalin as an allegory, did all sorts of things to make the animal more equal. Just as how Stalin did not follow Karl Marx’s idea Napoleon made creation like the Seven Commandments. This was only just the start of tasting the power where he changes the wise pig, who everyone...

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...abuse a cheat to gain an advantage. After seeing that they cheat, the entire group goes into a dispute together showing how they are all in sync and identical in personality. They became similar to the point “The creatures outside looked from pig to man and man to pig, and from pig to main again;” (Orwell 141). This shows the totalitarian cycle as the pig who was once part of the revolution to get rid of the human now became just like the human starting the cycle again.
This whole story focuses in on how the mix of power and greed leads to a totalitarian cycle. As the pigs slowly gain power and control over the farm their greed starts to take over and slowly over time before anyone realizes it, they became just like the humans. Those with great power abuse it to deceive and oppress everyone in the area. As fear grows the pigs had access to everything that they want.
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