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Media plays a very important role in our day to day life, especially now that Media has become the medium of communication between two people. It is the mass communication, regarded as one. What media is doing now-a-days is manipulating the genders to get more attention towards the cause, and this cause is largely an increased sales.
The media has been known to often employ dissonant images to provoke desired reactions and responses, these responses are made to cause with the aid of provoking imagery as well as to sell it-self, the product or service that the business offers, through the arousal and creation of interest (Chetty).
How certain things are represented and symbolized is subject to change, historically and socially as well as politically. This paper focuses on how the gender is exploited by media to get more attention through the creation of interest. These representations have gone through a process of selection, construction and have been encoded with different preferences dependent on what will appeal the audience more (Miller).
This media be thetare, live performance or a dance all targets the public at mass who enjoys watching it. The dance that had been the first, was divided in two parts. The dance demonstrated, the intense exploitation of the female sex and the desires that have been provoken forecefully by those who exploit the female sex in an attempt to get more attention from men.
One important critique of pornography, yet another very popular part of media is faced with the argument of anti-porn feminist who argue that pornography fosters sexual discrimination and as per their argument encourages men to rape (Baron).
Pornography shows the extreme gender discrimination of media towards female exploitati...

... middle of paper ..., with a female and a male dancer in focus, goes beyond racism nd class difference and seems to make a comment that love conquers all. The less affluent specially the minorities suffer from these issues the most, the inferior educational facilities in the states that they reside, better teachers, and better opportunities fly away to regions that are richer and these richer states offer added benefits to teachers and better pay too.
There is this new kind of racism where these minorities are exposed to environmental racism, where they are made to live in polluted areas for they are not in the strength needed to live in the areas where the white, may live. But artists , especially the performers of these two dances namely the fraknstein and the Excerpts from beauty, are committed to set the society free from the flaws that it has so deeply engraved inside of it.

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